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Survey about Yugioh fans

 Hey all! Here's my offering of crack so anyone who doesn't want to answer the questions still gets something out of this entry! (also my way of identifying myself) This was the Yugioh cosplay skit I was in Tekkoshocon 2009. I'm the Jounouchi/Joey. (tis not my voice, however)

Now the real reason for the post. I'm hosting a panel at Tekkoshocon VIII titled "The Fandom That is Yugioh". Playthedamncard is the biggest group of Yugioh fans that I know, so I was hoping you all would help me out. Here are the questions! Can be answered in the comments, or if you want to send me a private message or an email at guitarX105@yahoo.com. Pass along to anyone you know who would be interested. Thanks, everyone, for the help!

(EDIT: Seventy-four responses!. -^_^- You guys rock!)

Would you consider yourself a casual, serious, or hard-core fan?

What do non-Yugioh fans think Yugioh fans are like? (i.e. They're pre-pubescent boys who like card games)

Compared to that, what (do you think) Yugioh fans are actually like? (i.e. They're actually all teenage girls)

What's your favorite part about being a Yugioh fan/reason for being a fan? (i.e. you like a certain character; you like the other people in the fandom; you like the storyline)

Which series have you seen?

Have you seen them dubbed, subbed, or both?

Which is your favorite?

Favorite character?

Favorite Pairing(s)?

What Yugioh communities are you a member of? (LJ comms, RP groups, etc)

Approximately how many Yugioh fans do you know, in person and/or on the internet?

What's your opinion of the Abridged series?

Favorite fanfic author?

Favorite Doujin group?

Favorite Artist?

Favorite Cosplayer(s)?

Are YOU a fanfic writer, artist, or cosplayer?

Anything else you want to say about being a Yugioh fan, the fandom on the whole, or Yugioh in general:
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