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who's that pockymon

I've been relatively quiet in this community, but after a lot of stalling I finally decided to post something besides the occasional comments on entries orz;;

Here's the fanart I've accumulated over the past month!

credit goes to LK for this one, durhurr

Kuriboh boxers, aibou. KURIBOH BOXERS
Thanks to YGOTAS I like to imagine Yami as a total asshole. ...and it's reeaallyy fun

I hope you guys have played Apollo Justice..

..and watched Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!

In Seto's laboratoryyy! He's the richest boy you've ever seeen, but Mokuba blows his experiments t--yeah i'll stop now I: Not the best crossover, but I really wanted to draw Seto in the style of Dexter's Lab haha.

Can you tell I've only watched a few episodes of 5D's? ||OTL I tried drawing Yusei and Jack from memory; look how indecisive i was with Yusei's spikes, afff
Anyway, Jack's hair reminds me of Zero from Megaman.

Viva Yami, hee
oh, Dan Green. /gayhand

I mean this one from the Japanese OST. It's now my ringtone 8'D

o no u di'nt!
oh yes I did. I'm an idiot and I made Kaiba snap in a backwards "Z"... oops.

UHH this last one has Yami being an ass again ~*Yami's real name*~ on it. I don't know if that qualifies as a spoiler, but I'm saying so just in case. If you don't know his name and don't want to know it, then scroll down super fast!

ANNDDD that's it! \o/ Hope you guys enjoyed~
Tags: crack, fanart
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