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"Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Live Action Movie"


With the rush of Anime being transformed into Hollywood movies (ie; Dragonball (sob), Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in a Shell, Akira, Death Note etc-), I got to wondering about my own favourite series. of course, all the titles they've taken under their wing are quite revolutionary in the field of anime and I doubt that the subject of this community would be getting it's own film any time soon, I wanted to know, just for fun; should Yu-Gi-Oh! ever, in some strange, parallel dimension get it's own movie, who would fill the starring roles? What short and stocky geek would you choose to play Yugi? What albino cream puff do you think could laugh as maniacally as Bakura can? On top of that, who'd direct it all?

Well, that's what we're going to find out- and you're on the casting creeeeew omgg. You can choose any type of celebrity, mind you- you don't have to reserve it to those strictly in the field of acting, or strictly from Hollywood. Since it's only a game, it can be a worldwide star search.

Super nerdy, This is purely for entertainment, so- I know the majority of characters in YGO are Asian, but try and cast based on the looks of the characters alone.

It's fine to agree with the idea of someone else, that makes it easier to sort out the votes. It's also quite okay if you only have one or two people in mind; by all means, fill out an actor for each and every character if you want you rad dude, but I don't expect you to. When the majority of the votes have been casted, I'll create another thread listing the results of all the actors and their corresponding roles, pictures included.  Enjoy the game.

Edit: I forgot to include my own opinion; I haven't dwelled too much into it yet, but I'd like Ryou/Bakura to be played by Sou from the Visual Kei band Lolita 23Q;

And...           Zac Efron as Kaiba.

- DON'T KILL ME, PTDC. 17 Again was good. Look at him.

Votes so far in order of suggestion (unsuggested characters not included, you can only vote once!).
By the way, it's not like it has a plot. You can suggest anyone from Zero 0- 5D. Counting 'Seconded!' sort of replies to comments as votes, to keep it easy to count. If you see an idea you like here, feel free to vote on it. Infact, please do. Even if you have no one to suggest, agreeing to another suggestion helps a lot. It also may help to bring up unsuggested characters:

Zac Efron: 9
John Krasinski: 1
Jacob Young: 2 (?)
Gackt: 2
Gale Harold: 1

Sou Vo from Lolita 23Q: 5

Hair Guy:
Greg Proops: 1

Elijah Wood: 1
Daniel Radcliffe: 1
Mystery Man 1: :
3. Please tell me if you know who this is. ~

Bruce Campbell: 4

Sam Witwer: 2

Jonouchi (Joey):
Jesse McCartney: 4
David Spade: 1
Mystery Man 2: : 1
Please tell me if you know who this is.~
Hyde: 2

Cillian Murphy: 4
Yasuno from Kra: 1

Bandit Keith:
Little Kuriboh: 3

Honda (Tristan):
Ian D'Sa: 1

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