teh_amazing_one (teh_amazing_one) wrote in playthedamncard,

5D's question.

So, this is something that has been bugging me. All the police seem to be able to duel, and dueling seems to be integral to the culture. There are even laws against Satellites dueling, if I heard correctly.

Is dueling the basis of their legal system? Like, win a duel against a judge and you are innocent?

If so, that's a terrible justice system.

I realize it's an anime, I just wonder about how that effing place functions.

On the other hand, how awesome would it be if this was some sort of "bread and circuses"* type thing? That would be very cool.

*"Bread and circuses" refers to a plan the Romans had to keep their populations from revolting. They gave them free bread, which was a major staple to them, and the free entertainment of the circuses.
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