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Time Circuits
The Planet’s dream was supposed to be over. After so many hardships spanning across both time and space, the Planet could finally rest, having earned its happy ending.

Unfortunately, some dreams refuse to end.

Time and space are slowly losing their stability and rifts in time are threatening to swallow all without warning. In fact… it just did.

You’ve just been ripped from your own reality, now trapped not only in a new time, but also in a new dimension. The only way to leave only seems to be able to move you through time, nothing even remotely close to home. No one is talking, and no one believes you, after all, time travel, other dimensions… how ridiculous.

And yet, it would seem that you’ve been handed the keys of time. Perhaps it’s in compensation for tearing you away from home, perhaps it’s nothing more than a horrible mistake, but either way, you’ve been granted a great gift. How you use it is up to you.

Just remember, not everyone is happy to have strangers meddling in the affairs of time.


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