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DE(EEE)SU - Pegasus Version

Because I couldn't wait until Saturday, duh.

Remember all those Rozen Maiden desu videos? I got inspired by them and decided to do the same for Pegasus! ♥ Enjoy?

EDIT: MP3 link (in case you just want to listen to it) now available!

Total DEEEESU count: 269

  • DM: 170
  • Movie: 20
  • GX: 79


For DM, I used this site for reference. It's a wiki for character dialog scripts. I only counted his "long" desus (written as デース on the site) but not his normal desus (written as です on the site). Really, nothing exciting about the latter. :V The wiki doesn't include scripts for the movie and GX, so I had to find those myself. I may have missed one or two (some of them had... ambiguous pronunciation lengths), but I think I got most of them.

I couldn't find good quality videos for GX, so I got those from NebsTV. While I did find better quality videos around the Internet, I decided not to edit the video in the end because they would look out of place among the lower quality episodes. Sorry about that.

I think the editing turned out pretty good (for a first time video, at least. ^_^;).

If anyone wants the desu statistics for each episode, I can write it down later in this entry. :D
Tags: crack, ygo!dm
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