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Malik's girly enough, this is just the next step...

So I'd been lurking around the TTGL fandom, and thought-
damnit there needs to be a Mariku parody of a yoko picture. And thus,
this was born.

Now, now, you'd might think this is crack, because- genderbending? Mariku
is a male! Hahaha-


Being a fan of curves, I have discussed the idea of Malik being female for a long time, and
THIS was born.
(copypasta'd from various blog-like fandom sights that I'm on)

It all started with this icon...

Doesn't the shading on his cheek look like a boob and a nipple pointing down? LOLLOLOL YES, anyway-

See, this is the scene where he goes into Rishid's room and tries to kill him, but he's gone. Mariku realizes then that he hates men, and SHOCK, HE IS A LESBIAN. then he goes to fuck Ryou because Ryou is a woman as well it all makes sense because mariku can only be a woman. It's the only explanation that's how he can be arabic, but not have nasty, hairy, black man hair all over his gorgeous body. Woman body.

HE DOESN'T HAVE A PENIS, OR YOU WOULD HAVE SEEN HIM GETTING HARD WHEN HE TORTURED MAI. Think about it. You know he gets off on pain, and hurting others. Seriously, he has an orgasm face through all of his duels. You can't be that horny and be a man without having it 'be obvious'. the only explanation is that he is infact a woman, and is secretly creaming himself the entire time

Also, that's why malik takes over Anzu's body to prance around in. 'He' feels most comfortable in a woman's body, also the reason he treats Rishid worse then his sister is because lesbians don't like men, even though Rishid is a swell guy.

Malik spent a significant part of his life underground in a society that passes the secrets on only through the firstborn son and I think this would have had a great impact on the way he thinks about gender roles - the son has a greater importance (and considering the ritual, a higher tolerance for pain) than women like his mother and his sister. So he IS a woman, but wants to see himself as male. Or perhaps he didnt want to disappoint his father, so pretended to be a boy following the death of his mother. And THAT was why Mariku killed his father and helped him escape, because by the time that they made Malik and Isis get together to have kids, they'd realize he had a vag. Oh shi-

Also, if I'm DOIN IT WRONG, feel free to correct me. I never use LJ, I just like sharing. And my vulgar language isn't meant to be offenseive, haha.

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