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Hey y'all. I don't know if anyone remembers a post I made some time ago, where I started translating the Oreichalcos seal from the Doma/DOOM arc.

And I have never in my life seen enochian grammar this bad. Ugh. So for the sake of not breaking any brains I'm only posting my 'final translation', in which the grammar has been corrected. Sort of.

Anyway. First let's recall that the seal itself reads O R E I (C,K) H A L (C,K) O S, Oreichalcos, twice, and when broken down further this double-text translates into 'Visit among (us) Lord of Hosts (your) Judgement'. Add one more letter into each of the blank spaces left between the letters on the seal, and this morphs to the phrase 'Darkness shall sing your praises'.

The entire card text itself is written in the same language. So, I sat down to translate it. There are five lines of text on the card, plus the card name and byline.

Card name: Orichalcon1

Byline: Strength unto2 our glorious Son of Light3

Card text:
Line 1-- None with these spirits hast also the Child of Light4, therefore come out and know5 His mercies end herein(.) He has sworn

Line 2-- ecstacy for his children, the Lord of Hosts, except to these angels of the waters(.) They go now as the hands of the Son of Light6 into the third world of darkness7(.)

Line 3-- Herein, them the third world of darkness must obey.

Line 4-- This is the seal of Dars, the angel8 of The Lord, wherein he has sworn our Lord and Master mercy shall be traded with9

Line 5-- (meaning unknown) (meaning unknown)10(.) Therefore with this I go and beautify11 the third world of darkness, that the strength of the Lord of Hosts may be magnified.

1I have no idea why this is written differently than the word on the seal.
2 the word used here can be 'unto', 'with', 'of', or 'by'. Given the last line, I chose the first translation.
3The word for 'son of light' used here refers also to the alchemic Mentor of All frequently backreferenced as Mercury.
4The word for 'child of light' used here however does not.
5 can also be translated 'understand'
6 We're back to the Son of Light/Mercury word here.
7 This is not a translation note. This is a reminder to all that the 'third world' is the place between living and death where spirits and spiritual beings live, the prima materia, the black from which all things come and for which alchemy is named, as well as the lair of the Oldest of the Old in certain parts of egyptian lore. Depending on who you ask, it can be a form of hell. YGO contains frequent references to the place, though not by name; unless my geek guesswork is off, this place would be the source of power for the Items, Zorc's lair, and a whole bunch of other stuff wrapped up in one. Huzzah. Technically, I think this phrase could also be translated 'the darkness of hell'.
8 'angel' can also be 'agent' here.
9 same with/of/unto/by word. Unfortunately, because of the blank in my translation, I didn't know what to make it.
10 These two are both valid enochian words; unfortunately, none of my books know what they mean either, only that they appear in enochian calls. The internet was no help either.
11'beautify' can also be 'cleanse', but a different word is usually used for the latter.

Also, I lawl'd HARD at the name of the angel, all things considered!

Hopefully this will put to rest the idea that this story arc had no thought whatsoever put into it. >.> Obviously, these people had at least as much time on their hands as I do.

If anyone can get me good clear shots of the other two Oreichalcos seal cards Dartz plays, I'll translate those too though it may be another unknown slew of months before I finish them, lawl.

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