Haku (hakuku) wrote in playthedamncard,

Here's a fanart birthday post for Seto Kaiba! :)
I guess these are more for my cousin whos a total Seto/Yami fangirl xD but i had fun drawing these~
all these are done on tegaki!

WARNING, if you don't like BL or this pairing (just weirdness in general) don't click the cut!

this was done several days ago, trying out tegaki's opacity xD kukuku oh seto

this was actually done two days ago but just posted today :) my cousin and i were joking how in yami and seto's last duel in battle city, seto was all like "We don't need two kings in this world" and my cousin said she can imagine him trying to make yami his queen instead rotlflflflf i tried to make him look like a queen in this one but he turned out more like..a really fruity prince o.o;
i wish i could have spent more time on it or did somehting better but that was all the time i had to draw ><;
hope you like!! hehe
Tags: fanart

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