Balled-Up Whore (bramblyhuck) wrote in playthedamncard,
Balled-Up Whore

So I must admit, my Yu-Gi-Oh obsession is a bit of a bygone era these days, but what the Hell.

I met
cefferisa while ago on (under the guise of Finnhart), haven't spoken to her for a while since my msn died. She kinda liked my fanfics and somewhere along the line I decided that LIVEJOURNAL would be a good place to gather more feedback on my YGO fics. Somewhere further down the line the YGO obsession got totally booted off the track by THE JOKERRRR and now I'm kind of obsessed with that and am concentrating primarily on those fics, but I have a collection of old YGO fics that I want to post on LJ.

The point is, where can I post them? It would be great if anyone could send me in the right direction for YGO fanfic comms or whatever. Can I even post them here? Well.

/end super rant
Tags: fanfiction

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