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Plotbunny -- Free to a good home

*shy wave*

Uhm, hi, everyone. I've been a member (lurker) of this community for a while. I don't believe I've ever posted here (if so it was long, long ago). I'm posting now in a desperate attempt to avoid writing a crack-fic cross-over. I really don't want to. I've more than enough plotbunnieskuriboh (they multiply faster than plotbunnies) in the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom to keep me occupied for a long time to come.

My computer died about a month ago. Eventually I will be able to pull the drive, put it in a new computer, watch as it freaks out for half a day (Kitt's hard drive: "OMG! Where am I?! This isn't the body I had when I went to sleep! What's going on? Is this supposed to be a keyboard? And do you seriously think I'll believe that's a mouse?" -- can you tell I've had to do this before? ¬_¬() and why is my hard drive suddenly channeling Kaiba?) Until then, I've been dredging my LJ for bits and pieces of fan-fic in progress to work on...

And discovered this:

A Shōjo Kakumei Utena/Yu-Gi-Oh! Fusion-fic

A story where the non-conformist Yami (Utena) is drawn to protect the overly-passive Yugi (Anthy) from the brutal intentions of Joey (Sionji). Challenged to a duel, Yami wins unexpectedly when the Pyramid Prince, Atem (Dios) descends from the inverted pyramid floating eeriely above the dueling grounds, granting Yami the power to *somehow* triumph over a better swordsman.

With Yugi, his betrothed through the rules of the duel at his side, Yami must now defend his new Millennium Groom against all those duelists who seek the power of eternity that Yugi supposedly carries within his body -- Seto (Touga), the class president, whose little brother Mokuba (Nanami) may hold far more than family devotion for his older brother; Ryou (Miki) who grows to feel a gentle regard for Yugi, the Millennium Groom; and Mai (Juri) who more than holds her own in this club of boys and who cherishes soft, but lethal, secrets in her heart.

Is Yugi's pet, Kuriboh-Kuriboh (Chu-Chu) merely the comedy relief this teenage angst title desperately needs? Or is there a more sinister secret to the cute fluffball?

Is Yugi's older brother, Shadi (Akio), really the kindly guardian he appears? Is his gentle attention to Yami merely an overture of friendship for the best friend of his little brother -- or are there ulterior motives in the chairman of the school's devious mind?

Duels! Swordfights! Majorly squicky family relationships! All this -- and more -- in ...

Revolutionary Boy Yami!
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