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So far, all I can find is an LQ version here, but at least it stays in sync most of the time.

The twins are absolutely adorable.  Poor Ruka, though.  I think the big brother/little sister twin dynamic is actually a little reversed.  And Rua's a Jack fanboy! X3  So, yes, we get to see a little of Jack in this episode...

...on a poster.  And as a figurine.  It's sorta creepy.

Ushio's reaction to Yuusei being rescued is priceless!  And, yes, it looks like Saiga will be sticking around for the long haul.

All in all, this one's a very light-hearted episode.  Except for the end.  Jeager actually does something, and it looks like Yuusei's Satellite friends may have been kidnapped.  D:

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