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Yugi has his own website...?

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed. I'm flipping through Game Informer, just kind of glancing at all the cool and crazy artwork for the masses of video games that are...well...considering that the issue I was "reading" was probably from December...many of those games are likely out by now.  But anyway.  I'm flipping through this and just kind of looking things over.

Game Informer is one of those 'zines that has the ads in it along with all the game info.  So I come across this full page add.  It's a picture of some person sitting by a camp fire (and an SUV with camping equipment in the trunk) in a squirrel costume with all the other woodland creatures coming to join him.  I noticed there was a website at the bottom, but I'm thinking, "Yeah, whatever," and I turn the page...and then the next one....and then what I saw hits me.  "Wait..../what/ was that website again?!"  No...I didn't see it wrong...and it had me /laughing/ (running on three hours of sleep and a full day of travel had nothing to do with it, I swear!).  The website is:

I'll let you check the site yourself, but....I know where my mind went.  "Bzuh?!  Yugi's got a website?! X3333"  I think it'd be a "self help" of those, "here's some friendly advice on how to recognize another personality existing within you and how to build a healthy relationship with this person" kind of sites. X3

What do you think it would be?  If it really was a site that Yugi made that is...or Yami...or Ryou...and so on...Discuss!

Tags: crack, discussion

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