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Newcomer here. Hi. I've been lurking for a short while now but decided to post since I THINK nobody made a post about this before. I only say this because I tried googling the journal for the respective terms and didn't find anything.

Anyway, firstly, I admit to not giving a damn about YGO for the longest time (...but I was a Pokemon person!) but as with many people, TAS and crazy Japanese MADs turned me on to the sheer hilarity of the show and you know the rest. Having said that I haven't watched most of the anime series so if this miffs you please feel free to bitch about it; I myself don't usually like it when people who haven't watched a show spazz over it.

But ironically despite being involved 90% of the time in English-speaking fandoms, it's only while spending more ungodly amounts of time at that crazy Japanese video site, that I stumbled into TAS, subbed[*]. And that too only because of the huge Yugioh boom on that site.
I've never been familiar with the English Yugioh fandom but while some people seem to have said it's died down (doesn't look like it going by this community at least..), I'm surprised that it's still so popular in Japan, and it doesn't even have anything to do with 5D's. It's how many years since DM? but that's what they keep making addictive MADs out of.

[*]This is the guy who subs them. He does a pretty damn good job IMO, he goes and researches all the references carefully and the resulting script is pretty funny too. The vids themselves are unfortunately not as well known on nicovideo considering the mountain of other YGO vids they have, but they have their fans (a lot of people were very excited to see Zorc and Pals even before the April Fools' vid was made)

So anyway. I guess a lot of you have seen those crazy ABBABAAB Enemy Controller videos, Card Captor Malik and other unbelievable crack, but I'm here to share something entirely different from Japan!
Ever heard of the heart-warming manga Yotsuba&! (Yotsubato!, by the dude who did Azumanga Daioh)?

How about some... Mokubato?

...I've never even read Yotsubato but this was just heart-attack-levels of cute and fluffy (and also terribly OOC for Kaiba, but who cares?)
Okay, I know it's in Japanese...
So here is a crappy translation:
Part 1
Mokuba: Good morning!!
Mokuba: I've got to greet Big Brother!
Kaiba (zun zun zun)
Mokuba: Hey, what's this?! Big Brother's started his dance!
Mokuba: Yaaaay!
Mokuba: Heeey! Heeey! Heeeey!
Kaiba: Mokuba! Big Bro finally finished today's work!
Mokuba: Ooh
Kaiba: Up we go! It's time for BREAKFAST!!
Mokuba: wooooooh!
Mokuba: That was a great breakfast!
Kaiba: ...Okay, Mokuba, now listen carefully.
I haven't been sleeping properly the past few days
Yesterday, I didn't even sleep a single minute.
Kaiba: Which is why, I am a complete goner now.
Kaiba: gonna sleep first... take care... of the rest...
Mokuba: Oh-
Mokuba: I got it!! I'll make it so Big Brother is slept...
Mokuba: ...sleepings... can sleeped... sl...
Mokuba: SLEEP!
Kaiba: Shut up, Mokuba...
Mokuba: OKAY! :D

Part 2
Mokuba: Hey Big Bro, what's this?
Kaiba: Hmm, this would be...
Kaiba: Scary, right? Scary, RIGHT?
It's naaasty, it goes chomppity-chomp you know!
Mokuba: Woooow...
Mokuba: Okay, then what's this? What's this one?
Kaiba: Mm?
(crunch) Mokuba: GYAAAAAAAH!!

I know it's really awkward watching the video and reading it (if that's what you did) but I don't know how to overlay subtitles without killing the video quality! :( Sorry.
There's actually 3 more videos of this series (Jounouchi, Yugi and Bakura appear in some), anyone would like me to upload the rest of them? They're just as good. And fluffy. And nice.

One last thing, this is pretty old because it was quite talked-about when it aired so some of you might know this, but I looked up this sentai tokusatsu (thanks!) live-action show called Garo (牙狼) the other day because the main character...
...looks a leetle familiar, doesn't he?
Of course, he'd look more like our favourite CEO if that white coat was sleeveless, but nevertheless...
Shamelessly nicked off random sites after 5 seconds of googling:
Looking ready to fight, or alternatively annoyed at his hair
Acting kinda evil there aren't we.
obligatory look of vague angst
Obviously in a better mood

middle_1166437252.jpg (53 KB)
Somehow the figure version doesn't look quite right...
This, however, is my favourite! Looks positively Kaiba-esque if you ask me.

Anyway I haven't watched the show yet - I normally don't watch this sort of stuff... But the OP song is fantaaaastic, and I know the main character (Kouga) gets into some sort of metal super-suit with a nifty green cigarette-lighter or something; also he looks (and going by his spoilerific description on Wikipedia, he is) every bit of an anti-social douchebag as Kaiba (somewhat?), so...
obviously I have to check this out.

Conclusion: funny YGO vids are my anti-drug. $deity bless them and Kazuki Takahashi. Sorry for rambling like a crazed witch! And I know, this is such a thinly-veiled sockpuppet account... *goes back to lurking*

ETA: Why the hell are people selling Yugioh underwear.
wth.gif (45 KB)
WHY. Okay, I guess if there's Pokemon underwear and anything there'll be Yugioh underwear and this is being sold overseas so it shouldn't be surprising but... aaargh.
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