Cissy (cisorylx) wrote in playthedamncard,

"...Then you glanced in the wrong place!" -quoteth Dartz.

The dreaded dubbing dunce known as 4kids, as we all know, has a very, very (and I'm emphasizing here) very bad habit of trashing the original dialougue, throwing it into the Shadow Realm, and then piecing together a badly written fart-joked monstrocity of either gut-wrenching or hilarity-filled porportions. This, my friend, is one of those times where we, the fans, look at the more laughable side of their story.

As in, we seek to unlock the depths of their sacred sriptures in order to gaze upon the concept of unintentionally suggestive dialouge.

You know it to be true. 

Some examples of 4kids' work include:

"Then you gazed into the wrong place!"- Dartz

"Let's not get nasty, well ... not yet of course." - Pegasus

"You may enter my chamber if that is what you desire." - Yami (to Shadi)

"Oh yeah, real smart. You put the pole in the hole and then pull on it real hard."- Tristan

Okay, so I'm actually getting some of these from websites and forums, so I'm not 100% sure on the dialogue or whether it's completely credible, but still. We all know how this goes.

If you have any other good ones, feel free to share. You can also post lines that are just plain funny, too.


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