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PTDC is sirius bizniz!

Oh, Em, Gee. Not a cracky fun post! But a questioning one to all you lot, the lovable and sometimes quite amusing members of playthedamncard.

How many of you guys would like to see a tag or Memories system of sorts instituted here on PTDC?

I ask because I wonder how many of you ever forget to put a really good entry (whether it's discussion, crack, or something else altogether) in your own Memories and then want to find it at a later date, only to have it lost in the torrent of other PTDC entries (I'm really thrilled we're so active still). I know I have, and it bites.

We have a very teeny-tiny tag system started, but it's hardly comprehensive, and if I were to sort it out and/or expand it, I'd need everyone's help tagging past entries. If we end up getting some sort of positive agreement on this front, I'd welcome suggestions for new tags, tags to get rid of/rename, etc.

Example tags might include: icons AND/OR graphics, discussion, crack, shipping, memes...

Basically, anything to help "sort" out entries. Keep in mind the rules (which may or may not need to be updated; lavaliere is on HIATUS, which makes me, ankhutenshi, and frannyan the only active mods atm), so things like R-rated stuff and certain rants might be better on other communities, such as ygo_rants and such.

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