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greetings :D

I've been sorta lookin at this comm for a while and finally decided to join.

Yes, Ka-chan, I know you're gonna be happy about this. XD BTW, here's something I just found now, it should make ya happy.

Anyways, I'm mostly a GX fan and I really only watched duelist kingdom and part of battle city from the original YGO series, hopefully someday I'll make sure to watch the rest of it... somehow ^^;;;. I'm now starting to take a liking to 5Ds and am gonna make sure to keep up with that.

I'm an artist, so I like lookin at lots of fanarts everywhere and hopefully I'll get back to doing some finished fanart to post sometime. I might try to make a batch of icons to put up sometime, since I've begun to find icon making somewhat fun :3

For now, I actually have a small request, I've been hoping to find some more fan-made YGO GX openings on youtube, but have only found a lucky star one. Anybody else found any others they could share?

I hope to have fun with the rest of you guys here! :3

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