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I bring curiosity and lulz

Fandom n00b heer; first time post; blah blah cardgames blah. Anyway. I was just wondering how many of you were first exposed to YGO via your child/younger sibling. Or, for that matter, how many of you saw the dub first and went, "This is horrific!" or "What a dumb show!" before finally giving in to the awesome.

How I got here:

My brother jumped on the popular anime bandwagon about '02, I think. Him and all his little friends were shitting themselves over Yu-Gi-Oh!, so I decided sit down with him one night and watch some of it. And, I'm not gonna lie, my first reaction was something like, "The fuck is this shit? Just play the goddamn card! Wait... is that all they're doing? Where's the explosions? I thought anime was supposed to have explosions!", etc. Right. So then the little tyke insisted that I play the card game with him. Now, rocket science, I can do. Statistics? You betcha. Children's card games? Beyond all comprehension. And so, I avoided Yu-Gi-Oh! and all things associated with it like the plague for the next five years.

Flash forward to my second semester of college. Like any good college student, I wasted massive amounts of my time on t3h int@rw3bz instead of actually reading all my expensive, heavy books. One day, somebody on a message board I frequent linked to the Abridged Series. Yeah, you know where this is going. I watched the first episode and fell in love. "Finally, someone who realizes how crappy that show is!" Didn't take long for me to get curious about the source material, though. So, I went on CrunchyRoll to see if they had subbed episodes, but was sorely disappointed. All they had was this "Shadow Game" thing.

Good God, I had no idea! The first series anime rocked my socks like a boat on the docks. Yami no Yugi... he was just so... deliciously sadistic. There was character developement! And they played games other than duel monsters! Honda actually did stuff! It was possibly the most awesome thing I had ever seen. So, I dug up some subbed second series episodes on YouTube and never looked back. Now, I'm drooling all over 5Ds, drawing fanart, and working on a cosplay outfit.

Long story short, somewhere between "Man, You-Gay-Ho sucks!" and "Dude, I have to write this fic!" I became an adoring fan. I think I'll blame littlekuriboh.

I roffled. I strongly advise you not to drink anything while viewing.

The madness is spreading! And those people have no idea where it came from, either. XD

Oh, and would somebody else please, for the love of God, join this thing? ygotasrpg WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE IN THERE???
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