Jack Atlas' personal handler ;: 3< (mistressminako) wrote in playthedamncard,
Jack Atlas' personal handler ;: 3<

5Ds shipping list

Let's make a new 'ship list for 5Ds. Because you know it's going to happen sooner or later.

The rules of the game: Come up with new names for pairings, don't use shit that's appeared on the old lists (CTRL + F is your friend), and post in the standard format. For reference: The original 'ship list (apologies for Gaia link). If anyone knows the GX list, get me a link and I'll edit this post.

To get started...
Mapshipping: ATLASxYuusei
Lunarshipping: YuuseixStardust Dragon (after Yubel, anything is possible in this universe)

Blame bustingstars for this idea.
Tags: ygo!5d's

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