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Yu-Gi-Oh! Tarot: L'Empereur

If you still remember my past post about the YGO Tarot I've been working on, here's the whole image.

I've basically given myself a lot to work on various Tarot symbology and semiotics on the image, since the illustrations - while very decorative - have latent symbols and meanings that go with it. Add a weaboo YGO fandom love + Ancient Egyptian mythos + looking at too much CLAMP drawings and we have this.

I want to color this badly, but working on the flats with a mouse is a very daunting task especially for a very detailed work (and add to the fact I'm so busy). So what I did was put some borders and the customary labels (nothing fancy in typefaces and borders because I want to highlight the center image and because I lack epic creativity haha)


The Emperor mainly emphasizes on the notion of stability and balance in the world he governs in. Atemu as the Pharaoh pretty much captures that essence, and provides the backdrop for this worlding. Here is a rundown of the meanings behind the images I used in this tarot:

*Atemu - self-explanatory. Pretty man. Eyes very hard to make D::: (And I made revisions on his crown which I hope helped >_>)

*Horus - Falcon god, as well as the representation of all pharaohs of Egypt. In his talons, he holds the symbols for life and eternity.

Lotus and Papyrus - represents the extent of his sovereignty/dominion over his territory
*Lotus - Known as the flower of Upper Egypt
*Papyrus - Consequently the flower of the Lower Egypt

*Apep - The Serpent, who is the supposed nemesis of Ra (because the god Seth got a lot of bad press from previous rulers sometime in the past to suddenly warrant him a place as THE nemesis, but apparently, Apep was the original). He is consequently entwined against a pillar with an orb with the rays of the sun, which he swallows every day to shroud the world in darkness.

Will x-post in my DA account after a few days, so you guys get to see it first before anyone else, because this fandom is made of love and crack. :D

Thanks so much for your time!

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