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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's


It's the new Yu-Gi-Oh! series that will begin once Gx finishes in April and I thought I'd give people a briefing on what I think will be in it cuz actually, I think I'm right. :P And btw, there was a previous post on this LJ community about the origins of where this news came from, so take a look at

before you do ANYTHING else! ;)

Okay, here's my rundown on it...

* Older protagonist... YAY! The beauty of Gx was that the characters were always a year younger than me so I could kinda relate to them. Now it continues this way and I'm really happy about it. ^-^ Of course, the beauty of DM was that they were older than me so fangirling was SO much more fun... heh!
* Interesting to see new cards...
* OMG I won't be YGO deprived!

* Seriously, I JUST put together a Crystal Beast deck last year and got it perfected. It's kicking butt! But with these NEW cards... WHYYYYYYY? *sweatdrops*
* Another cast of new characters and although they can look promising at first, well, the original ones (DM) were still the best. I mean, look at what happened with Asuka/Alexis. She became kinda useless even though I freakin wuved her at first.
* No guarantee of previous characters returning and personally, I want them back.
* 5 Dragons. The failure of the whole "Awaking the Dragons" arc immediately came to my mind.
* Sentei... it's going to be Gundam meets Sailor Moon I'm afraid and don't get me wrong, I like Gundam Seed n Seed Destiny a TON and some of Sailor Moon too but I love YGO the most and there is NO way I'd swallow this merging together. HOWEVER... look at my "research" below.

WARNING! I tend to over analyze this all toooo often, but anyways... *opens up her deck of tarrot cards and begins to predict the future*

A NOTE about SENTAI - usually it involves themes of five. I recall reading this on a few websites and have come to the following conclusion.

There will be five main characters, and this main character w/his Stardust Dragon is the main one. Each main character has some connection to a dragon in some way. Here are the sites I've browsed around and well, that's pretty much my conclusion of how the series will be.

The evidence:
Sentai - http://www.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Sentai
Five Man Band - http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FiveManBand

My analysis:
* With all this "superhero" stuff happening (especially in sentai!), I can only imagine that the E-Hero, D-Hero type stuff will continue even more. I mean, although most of the older fans I've run across seem to dislike it, the little'uns love it because that way they can be "just like Judai". *sweatdrops*
* Colors! Okay, every other "super soldier"/sailor scout/power ranger/whatever type of anime always has a character with a distinct color. In DM, there was barely any of this besides I guess Kaiba's obsession with blue eyes white dragons or something. But with Gx, we had the whole red/yellow/blue thing going on in the dorms and then white for the society of light as well as Chazz's "black looks better on me" scenario. So although those *could* be the five colors we could be seeing for the characters here, they might not be. What I'm trying to say is that the color thing is growing bigger here and considering 5 being the usual for a line-up of chars in sentai, I'm guessing each has a special color in whatever they wear or whatnot in some way.
* FIVE - it's no coincidence that there shall be five dragons and sentai usually has five main chars in a team. I mean, somebody put 2 and 2 together for me? And since the main character already has a dragon, I guess it's the one that lines up with him as it will distinguish him from the OTHER four in this "super sentai" team or whatever. (Note: There could be a different plot twist here where the main character is NOT in the main five sentai or whatever. I mean, Yugi HAD one of the seven Millennium items but Jaden was NOT one of the Shadow Riders... right? But the fact that this guy already has a dragon and is an older protagonist brought the Yugi scenario of having one of these "special things in this show" to my mind first)
* Now... LOOK!!! at the second link which I gave as a part of my evidence and puh-lease read the stereotypes. It's pretty darn easy figuring out who falls into which one for both DM and Gx. Something tells me that it'll happen again and what do you know! It's FIVE!!! Plus the first link which a bigger part of my analysis comes from links to that one too.

...and as with all previous experience regarding dragons in Yu-Gi-Oh! (well, most experience if you ask me, not necessarily all... lolz!), there are probably knights in some sort of armor to take care of it all. I mean, think about Yugi and Joey vs. the big 5 in Kaiba's virtual world and what they did with the dark magician. Now, consider that sentai generally speaking involves armor. Hmmmm... makes me think about my "each main char has a dragon" theory all the more. If the dragons are good or bad it's beyond me (I'm guessing good as the main char's main card is a dragon!) but yeah.

ANYWAYZ.... hope you did NOT fall asleep reading my speculations and let me know what you think of them.

Cross posted in a gazillion other places as one TOO many sites have newbies saying "what is THIZ?!?!?!" and I just thought I'd chuck in my two cents.

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