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Haha, so far my posts are just nothing but asking help from people, but uguu, I will have to endure being bricked since I'm about to ask help about some srz YGO bznz. XD

le gasp, I'm still using Photoshop 7.0 nuuuuu D:

This is the starter image for the YGO tarot deck I've been working on/off (I can only do some during precious free time, since well, there are still academic constraints hanging around >_>). I'm thinking of starting with the Major Arcana, and yeah, I can't seem to decide which card should the characters be. :| Halp?

I started with the most rational choice - the main character of course. And I had to choose a style where lyrical stands out because the Takahashi's style is err, to rigid. First to guess wins an imaginary cookie! XD

So err, on to bznz. I can't decide what lineart base I should use, because both work well for me, in a sense. >_< If you have anything in mind, I am more than welcome to listen whee~ XD

Thanks so much for your time! :D

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