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Rules Post -- Move Along~

0. The former owner of this community was telcontar. The buck used to stop with her until she disappeared. Now, the final say in everything (unless you all decide to mutiny or something. In which case you're all ungrateful little losers and I hate you ;_;) belongs to lavaliere There may be other moderators later, if this place becomes absurdly popular. But I doubt it.

AMENDMENT: You will also obey the_sweet, killyoudead, woodfall, and hemntjrseth in the event that the regular mod suffers from a card to the brain, or just are too sick to be online. Refuse to listen to them and you'll suffer some horrible, vague fate that involves a Duel Disk. The sharp and pointy version.

1. You must have something related to Yu-Gi-Oh in your post. "I like chicken" does not count, I'm afraid.

2. Try to keep the content relatively nice. Sure, we'll be discussing the rampant yaoi implications of everything from Yugi's shirt to Otogi's left shoelace, but no porn or graphic stuff. There are kids in the audience. Worry that your image or video is NSFW (not safe for work)? PUT IT BEHIND A CUT.

3. You may post website/community advertisements, only once a month.
    → Allowed ads are for YGO Related Communities only.
    → YGO Chat ads are allowed as long as there are no ads on the first page.
    → YGO Memes will be moderated and fall under the same rules as YGO Chat ads. Feel free to post, but if they are deemed unnecessary by yours truly, it will be deleted.
    → Fanfic posts are discouraged unless they're crack. Fanfics involving infinite angst and woe do not belong here. Go post your fics on comms like yugi_fans or ygo_fanstyle.
    → no sales posts, please.

4. Keep ginormous images, videos, etc behind LJ Cuts. Some people have slow modems, y'know.
    → Don't know what an LJ Cut is? Read here. Or, if you're lazy, here's a code:
        <lj-cut text="Summary of Cut">YOUR POST</lj-cut>

5. No insulting each other. Nothing drastic I mean. You're allowed to make digs at each other in the name of fun, but if it gets nasty, then you're out.

6. Rants, theories, moments of tin-hat wearing and such are fun, but if you're gonna post one, LJ Cut it. Sometimes, people don't care. You know I'm right.

7. Please put SPOILERS behind LJ cuts. Some of us like to be surprised. And media downloads too. We all know how 4kids can get.

8. When playing a card of five stars or above, you must first tribute a monster already on the fiel- what? Oh. Sorry, wrong set of rules.

9. Try to keep icon posts to a minimum. Meaning, we want to see HUMOR icons, not just regular icons. Take your regular icons to yugi_icons or yugi_fans

10. Likewise, sales posts are no longer allowed and need to be posted somewhere else.

11. PLZ to not be posting memes, "omg i saw this guy named joey but he ddn't look liek him at all!" posts, or any other crap that should just stay in your personal journal. Translation: Unless it involves YGO specifically, then post it to your personal journal. Something you heard that could be related to something because of something you heard doesn't count.

And if you're confused, here's some posts that are what we like seeing here:

✔Crack Art/Fan Art: Falling Bakura OR Pokelantis
✔Discussions: Blood Types, Astrology, and Yuugiou
✔Crack Discussions: Anzu--The Penguin Queen
✔Sightings/References: Kaiba Look-Alike
✔Icons: this OR this
✔Crack Videos/Music: Cr*psule Monsters Ep. 1 OR Yuugiou Fanmix
✔CAPSLOCK: Farotarday - The Infamous Anti-Duelist vs. Timelord Yuugi Duel
✔Cosplay: UNF!
✔New Episode Links & Discussion: YGO 5Ds Episode 74

Have any questions, comments, critiques, or notifications? Feel free to leave a comment here. Or, if you don't want it visible, feel free to contact me via either PM, AIM (marymargravy), or at lavalieres@gmail.com

Anonymous commenting is on and IP logging is off. I will reply as quickly as I can! Thanks!
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