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FST of Seto's (and Anzu's) life with HARDCORE GANGSTA RAP... or not

Ok, so maybe it isn't what the subject says but there's some of it anyway. I can't believe I forgot to post this here. Ah well, mistake mended.

When this started it was only going to be a few songs put together for something like an FST. Like most of my projects, it's completely grown out of porportion. It's now five "discs" long and looking to be about fifty-plus songs. So far I've not completed the whole thing but I have the first two discs ready for public consumption.

But before we get to the good stuff a few notes, as usual:

(a) What is the difference between a Fanmix and a FST?
Well, I'm not sure how everyone else views it but I believe that the essential difference between FSTs and fanmixes is that the fanmix is usually made of songs that remind the maker or in some weird way apply to a character or fandom. A FST is an actual soundtrack made up of songs that wouldn't be out of place (lyrically or atmospherically depending on the maker's leaning) playing in the background of certain scenes. This is a FST and thus, because Azureshipping is almost purely fan-based, expect some twisting and turning and a lot of reference to thoughts. But then again, this is YGO, right?

(b) This is Yu-Gi-OH! We concontrate on the second series anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.

(c) This is Seto Kaiba.

(d) This is Anzu Mazaki.

(e) This is the way I Azureship. Just as a precaution; this write up contains some explicit language and way too much snark to be healthy but it explains the way Azureshipping works, in general. Certain others' opinions may vary.

(f) Songs on this FST are taken from a wide range of sources; their application is largely lyric based, save for a few that are more usable for atmosphere. Genres range from hardcore rap to film ambient new age, languages range from English to Japanese to Hindi. Think of it as a world music sampler and give what you don't know a try. You never know what you might like.

Good, that said, here we are:

The Front Cover:

The Back:

Disc One: See You Breathe
Single Tracks

01 Sora's Folktale - Midori (Seto's Theme)

02 Aankh Milaoongi - Asha Bhosle (Anzu's Theme)

03 More Than This - Charlie Hunter & Norah Jones

04 Petrified - Fort Minor

05 Asche Zu Asche - Rammstein

06 Clean My Wounds - Corrosion of Conformity

07 Ya Ali - Zubeen

08 Metamorphoze - Gackt

09 Anxiety - Black Eyed Peas feat. Papa Roach

10 Deliver Me - Sarah Brightman

OR The Full Album

Sora's Folktale - Midori - From the Escaflowne Movie OST
In the darkness, the dragon wakes | To a cold heart the dragon takes | With you at my side, the dragon sleeps | On dragon wings our wishes leap
The Bandai version of the lyrics are perfect for Seto and the song has an unconventional sound for a unconvential boy.

Aankh Milaoongi - Asha Bhosle - Fiza OST
Your house is made of glass | If I threw a stone, what would happen? | I'll dance | I'll meet your eyes and look away | I'll make hearts long and steal away your wits | ... | I'll dance
This song has a good beat and is actually set in a dance club, which I thought fitting for Anzu. Asha's voice and the lyrics are both slightly cynical -- I don't think many people realize how often Anzu is the one dry voice on the boys' shining moments of stupidity.

More Than This - Charlie Hunter & Norah Jones - Pure Moods: Celestial Celebrations
As free as the wind and hopefully learning | Why the sea on the tide has no way of turning | More than this | There is nothing, oh, more than this |
Ignorance is bliss, they say. At the beginning of the anime, neither Seto nor Anzu has any idea how quickly, violently and frequently their lives are going to collide over the course of the next few years.

Petrified - Fort Minor - The Rising Tied
You and your boys, you don’t know me |You really wanna hold me. show me, homie | Tough talk doesn’t mean a thing |Get over yourself you know when we’re up in a scene
Seto's initial take on his take the first duel against Yugi, preceeded by the duel against the old man. I found "Petrified" funny because, after all, Seto terrified the old guy into a stoke with holograms.

Asche Zu Asche - Rammstein - Herzeleid
I will return | In ten days | As your shadow | And I will hunt you
Yugi doesn't know it yet but he's created a life-long rival. This is the nature of their relationship and this is the reason why Seto and Anzu will cross paths again and again.

Clean My Wounds - Corrosion of Conformity - Deliverance
Help me, Jesus , help me clean my wounds | He said he cannot heal that kind | Bleeding soul becomes a bitter mind
Yugi banishes what's left of Seto's "darkness" to the shadow realm, with Seto's long-range assistance and it makes them no less amicable.

Ya Ali - Zubeen - Gangster OST
Oh God, Merciful God | Oh God, everything can be sacrificed for love |Oh God, help | Oh God, I want to end my life, sacrifice my pride for love
When Seto challenges Yugi to the duel atop the tower of Pegasus's castle, he'd ready to sacrifice everything for the love of his brother and proves it. (On a side note, no one's ever said -- full out -- that Kaiba is an atheist...even though he probably is.)

Metamorphoze - Gackt - Gundam Z Movie OST
More than anyone else's kind words, it is your memory | That heals the pain that no one else could erase | Now, I call you name over and over again | We make mistakes over and over again, but | The only thing I want to protect is the promise I made to you
One interpretation of Seto's thoughts on Mokuba as he makes his way to his duel against Pegasus.

Anxiety - Black Eyed Peas feat. Papa Roach - Elephunk
I don't fear none of my enemies | And I don't fear bullets from oozies | I've been dealing with something thats worse than these | That'll make you fall to your knees and thats the |The anxiety the sane and the insane rivalry
By the time Seto gets in front of Pegasus, he's ready to duel again. By the time, fear is a long lost word and winning is the only option.

Deliver Me - Sarah Brightman - Diva: The Singles Collection
All of my life I've been in hiding | Wishing there was someone just like you | Now that you're here, now that I've found you | I know that you're the one to pull me through
I put this at the end as a sort thing. After all, this an Azureshipper FST so there must be some romance. What did Anzu do while Seto was attempting to sacrifice himself? She chewed him out, telling him that his life was not worthless, that he couldn't just throw himself away. And really, even non-Azureshippers can admit that, likely somewhere deep down, he's been wanting to hear that for a long time.

Disc Two: Look Like That
Single Tracks

01 Radio Belize - Deep Forest

02 Lord Give Me a Sign - DMX

03 Science - System of a Down

04 Show Me the Money - Petey Pablo

05 Born Alone, Die Alone - Lloyd Banks

06 Roll It (Remix) - Allison Hinds feat. Elephant Man

07 Blood - Editors

08 Collide - Howie Day

09 Tu Fiza Hai - Sonu Nigam & Alka Yagnik

10 Secret Garden - Gackt

11 Sentence - Era

12 The Piano - Enigma

13 Kill Your Idols - Static-X

OR The Full Album

Radio Belize - Deep Forest - Comparsa
I couldn't find a translation for the lyrics... I think they're some sort of Native American or possibly something from Madagascar. I chose this because it sounds the way the Dungeon Dice Monsters arc feels to me: fun. It's not dark or particularly serious and then there's Jounouchi in a puppy suit.

Lord Give Me a Sign - DMX - Year of the Dog...Again
Unlike above, I didn't want to quote lyrics from this song. I chose it specifically for the Jesus joke in the RPG arc. But the determination fits with Seto's drive to defeat the Big 5. There's a lot to be said for the root of his arrogance, too.

Science - System of a Down - Toxicity
Science fails to recognise the single most | Potent element of human existence | Letting the reigns go to the unfolding | Is faith, faith, faith, faith |Science has failed our world | Science has failed our mother earth
Seto meets with Isis and all that she has to say about Ancient Egypt...and doesn't believe a word of it.

Show Me the Money - Petey Pablo (Censored, I suppose)
Can't nobody do it like I do it |When I do it, Dog, I do it
Seto announces Battle City with flair and flambouyance right over Anzu's head and for a moment, there is a connection.

Born Alone, Die Alone - Lloyd Banks - Get Rich or Die Tryin' OST (Explicit)
I came in this world by myself | So I don't need no friends | I rather have it this way | It's ok, it's ok
Battle City is a dog-eat-dog tournament and Seto's approach to it is no different. Also, it is at this point in the anime that one notices a marked rise in instances of spurning on Seto's part. Really, he wants nothing to do with anyone.

Roll It (Remix) - Allison Hinds feat. Elephant Man
I won't quote from this song either, simply because if I wrote these lyrics down, you'd never understand them. Although they do make sense when listened to. Dancehall to the core and 100% respect. Anzu vs. Steppes, Anzu pwns.

Blood - Editors - The Back Room
This wicked city just drags you down | You're with the red lights, your side of town | Don't say it's easy to follow a process |There's nothing harder than keeping a promise
Despite his best efforts, Seto finds himself in the company of Yugi once more; duelling beside him no less. But it leads to his next encounter with Anzu so we're not complaining.

Collide - Howie Day - Stop All the World Now
Even the best fall down sometimes | Even the wrong words seem to rhyme | Out of the doubt that fills my mind | I somehow find you and I collide
More romantically inclined that the other tracks but it fits. Anzu meets up with Mokuba and finds herself tangled up in the events of Seto Kaiba's life once again. This time, she doesn't know it yet, but she's in deep because she's basically holding the key to all the is Seto: his younger brother.

Tu Fiza Hai - Sonu Nigam & Alka Yagnik - Fiza OST
You're a breeze; you're the atmosphere; you're not of this earth | You're a cloud, so why don't you shower down rain? | You keep soaring, like the birds
Searching fo mokuba means searching for Anzu and that's far harder than Seto expected it to be but he will find her. (Again, mostly romantic as fitting for a pairing FST. Also, the re-use of Fiza songs -- the soundtrack just rocks.)

Secret Garden - Gackt - Rebirth
In a distorted loophole in time | The knife that stabbed me in the back gives me wings | And I keep looking at the sky | ... |I only looked at you | Only you
At the docks, a strange situation pops up: while yugi and Jounouchi duel, it seems that Seto is the one who has been delegated the task of rescuing Anzu. Anzu, who is shouting encouragement at her friends from beneath a container. Seto looks out for the one person no one else is -- her.

Sentence - Era - Divano
I'll save you from yourself | From those voices calling you | Sell your soul to evil | Then you'll be dancing forever
Eventually, everything comes crashing down and while others scramble to save Jonouchi and Yugi, Seto moves to rescue Anzu. Who, if we remember correctly, was possessed by Marik and chained herself to that goddamned chair.

The Piano - Enigma - Voyageur (Instrumental)
They all make it to the blimp where the semi-finals are to be held and for one night, before all the duelling happens, there's a bit of piece in their otherwise chaotic lives. Maybe, just for a minute, now that they've seen Odion-as-Marik, they know where he is and what he's doing so they can relax.

Kill Your Idols - Static-X - Shadow Zone
Live your own life | I got myself | Out of my sight | Kill your idols | It's ugly, you see | I don't care what you think now
Seto duels Isis and through sheer strength of will he defies fate itself to win. he manages to destroy all the Isis has believed in her entire life but that's just a casualty of war. His is an impressive performace to all.

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