Honda (honjou) wrote in playthedamncard,

World of Warcraft Yu-gi-oh guild

I was reading through old entries in here because I haven't posted in ages when I saw this one post with a "Super Special Awesome" Warcraft guild. Since I don't have anything else to contribute right now, I'd like to invite fellow Warcraft / Abriged YGO lovers to my guild in the Alexstrasza realm. Right now my human Katukamun (bad attempt at sounding Egyptian) male is the guild master of "Simply Faabulous"

From this episode of LittleKuriboh's:

If you want to join my guild (I need ten people to sign before it actually becomes a guild), let me know your character name and where he or she usually is.

I wanted to make "Screw the Rules, I Have Money" but it was too long. *pout*

(I might make another one on another server called "I Have Green Hair" ...maybe)

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