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OMG!!! Part 2

So here I am again posting here, because yet another Yu-gi-oh event has appeared in my English Class today.

So we were discussing Billy Budd again after I failed the quiz on it (Yay!) and the teacher says: "What is the paradox in this part of the book?" Or something like that, all I know is that it had the word "paradox" in it. Then I think 'Paradox Brothers...' and someone shouts out 'Yu-gi-oh!' But wait that is not all. After some random guy finished singing the Pokemon theme, the best thing ever happens.

Some other guy starts singing YMCA. If you don't understand why that is fricking hilarious then go to youtube.com and watch Yugioh The Abridged Series by The Kuriboh of Smaller Proportions, right now (I'm just pulling your leg the users name is LittleKuriboh). Anyway back to my point, because of the Abridged Series I can no longer do the following things normally:

  • Hear the word British and not think 'OH BALLOCKS!'(It's especially a problem in American history...Speaking of Americans...)

  • See or hear or think the word 'America' without having the urge to say/shout 'IN AMERICA!'

  • Say: "Screw the rules I have ______."

  • Listen to 'YMCA' without either roaring with laughter to actually attempting to do what the Paradox Brothers do.

  • Hear DMX without singing. (Abridged ep.10)

  • Brains!

  • etc.

***Oh and a bonus Yugioh moment happened at swim practice today, I was dressed in my Mario shirt to celebrate the birth of Miyamoto's Wii (Oh my Ra...that sounds so wrong), when one of my friends says, "Yugioh is better than Mario." Later she came back and said, "The green one right?"

Seriously....No lie...This all really happens to me. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS CRAP UP! Okay, I'll stop the crazy now, but I must say that LittleKuriboh (Kuriboh of Smaller Proportions, in my mind) is amazed, awesome, artistic(?), and any other good adjective that starts with an 'A'.

By the way I'm the 11th grade and in a pretty good school too. Everyone there is just crazy-go-nuts, with a capital 'CRAZY-GO-NUTS'.

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