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The Kiabas have stolen my brain!! @_@

*blink*......*blink*  Well........It is once again time for me to tell you of a dream I had.  No Yami or Yugi this time......but it was caulked full of the Kaiba brothers.........Mokuba mostly.......

Okay.....started with Mokuba and Seto at this big building.  Seto was checking the place out for some possible business relations with the company, and Mokuba was along for the ride.  As they're heading upstairs ((don't /ask/ me why they didn't take the elevator or something, /seriously/!  They walked up like 40 flights of stairs!! @_@)) Mokuba ends up wondering off.

This is when it starts getting interesting.  This robot/thing/guy  ((it kept changing.........*shrugs*  That's a dream for you, what can I say?)) starts following the kid around.  Mokuba has noticed of course, I mean......he's only been kidnapped /how/ many times?  He /knows/ when someone/thing is following him.  So he starts running from the thing...  It's keeping up with him pretty decently, but Mokuba /does/ manage to lose it for a little while.  It's hunting for him now though.

I can't really explain the why of this next part ((big /is/ a dream after all and they hardly ever make sense)).  Mokuba now has a camera ((It amuses me to say he snatched off of someone, but he didn't.  XD;;  It just appeared as per dream standards....)).  To get this guy/whatever to stop chasing him around he's got to get a good picture of his/its face.  This.....can prove rather challenging since he doesn't wanna get too close, else he'll get  caught.  So!  Mokuba gets ahead of the guy/thing and sets up the camera to take the picture.....He sets the camera up in part of the doorframe ((he's back by the front doors...))  and hides as the guy/thing comes racing down the stairs.....

The picture doesn't take in Mokuba moves in his hiding place as the guy/thing goes running out the front doors, so that he doesn't end up spotted.  He grabs the camera and tries to take another picture.  Still a bad pic.  The guy/thing is now heading back towards the building, and *snapflash!*  Mokuba manages to snap a good picture of the guy/thing.  Heh.....the guy/thing stops with a dramatic "Awwww maaaan!!  I loose more kids that way......*pouts*"  Mokuba just blinks at him and decides to go find his brother, heh....keeping the camera just in case. ^,^;;;

Mokuba isn't making his way around the building in the traditional sense......he's gone all spy-tech on me and is moving around the building in such a way as to not be spotted by anyone........and he's looking for his brother.  And by this time, of course, Seto is looking for him and is none too happy that Mokuba is gone to begin with.  ((He's not upset at Mokuba, he instantly assumes that it's the company, and they're trying to do.....something. XD;; ))

It's kind of funny, 'cause they pass each other several times, completely missing each other......I know at one point I kind of woke up a little and then went back to sleep......when I did I'm not entirely sure what was going on, but now Kiaba had "found" his brother and was trying to "catch" him while a couple other people followed Kaiba trying to help him catch his brother.  I'm not entirely sure why Mokuba didn't trust Seto all of a sudden, but....yeah......

It was amusing though.  Because Mokuba was smaller than the rest of them he was able to slip in and out of places that they couldn't get to. XD  And it was a crazy chase......I mean......there was this like.....spiral staircase like thing, only it wasn't a staircase, 'cause there wasn't even enough room to crawl hands-and-knees.  And everyone started trading places.  Mokuba would be up on the 27th "level" and then would slip out and slip over to the other side and up to the 52nd "level" and then someone else would do the same, and so on and so forth......this all "ended" when Mokuba found and way out in a place where they couldn't see him "leave" the area........makes me dizzy just thinking about this.......@_@  *hopes she described it so it make at least a /little/ bit of sense.......then made so sense to her while she was sleeping, soooo......*

So Mokuba slips out and goes around to some other part of the building and sits down and starts doing his homework......yeah......rather anti-climatic, eh?  'Cause I woke up as Seto came in and asked him if he needed any help with anything and told him that they'd be leaving there soon......^,^;;;;

So there you have it.......a frightening view of the inside of my mind.......XD

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