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cos this hasn't happened in a while

Let's talk about an episode from a series brimming with crack.

Episode 163: Self Destruction (Showdown! The Two Yugis)

Orrighty, for those unaware this is the episode where Yami fights "Yuugi" Now I've only seen this in dub so is that actually Yuugi or is it a shadow or mirror Yuugi, cos when we see him next it's like he's been in the bubble the whole time. So was that the real Yuugi, or Yuugi showing his magnificent acting skillz.

- Did Bandit Kieth die or have his soul missplaced at some point and I didn't notice? Cos I'm sure you see him there, popping outta no where like a daisy. A derranged daisy.

- That valley really was stoners grove

- Yami pretty hard core not to flinch at those ghosties. Don't you think.

- Yuugi had some of the most awesome expressions in this Episode, not to mention said some of the coolest lines he'd yet to say. It was just so evilly awesome of him. I mean the Japanese Episode probably puts the dub to shame in this regard but still, if there was a person to hide your mother from, this episode Yuugi would've been it.
I can't find any images on my computer at the moment, BUT I do have this ONE image here:

Isn't he just so cute and evil? In contrast to this:

I don't know why but every time I see that picture I think.... Astro Boy.

- I've read the guide for this episode and I'm wondering why they removed the shot of Anzu/Téa looking concerned/surprised that Yuugi played "teh card of doom". I mean I realise some people don't like that in a woman but there really wasn't any point to that mindless bit of chop there.

Feel free to Add to and Disscus the points above

oh, and by the way, does anyone happy to have the subtitled version of this episode I can ...borrow from them?

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