Trying to track down AMVs

So a whole bunch of wondrous fandom crack has been lost to youtube bots, and I'm wondering if anyone managed to save any old AMVs? I'm particularly looking for Take It Off, Marik Loves Chocolate, and Seto Kaiba is Larger Than Life.

Failing that, feel free to drop me links to any other awesome AMVs you've seen lately? :3

New video game!

The first new YGO video game in two years, Zexal Duel Carnival, will be released in Japan on Dec. 5!  For the 3DS, which is region-locked.  I'm preordering the game anyway, because I want to encourage Konami to keep making these, especially because I think this one has voice acting in it.  (Digression:  I'm still enjoying Tag Force 6 on my non-region-locked PSP.  If you want to feel happy, set up a tag duel with your character, Luciano, Jaeger, and DS Kiryuu, and just listen to the laughter.  Voice acting adds so much!)

I don't have a 3DS, though, and there's no point to getting one as long as it remains region-locked.  If Nintendo unlocks it themselves, that's best, but if not, I'll wait until someone else does it for them.
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The YMI (Yugioh Manga-to-Anime Index)

The YGO Manga-to Anime Index (YMI) project is a publicly-accessible spreadsheet on GoogleDrive intended as a reference for all YGO fans to help locate specific content in the manga volumes and anime episodes.

While there are many terrific sites that give detailed comparisons of the differences between manga and anime, YMI is an attempt to map where they match up (sometimes in a sorta-kinda "you have to squint" way).

Tiny URL: http://tinyurl.com/nzgl3w7

  • Manga chapter summaries are from the YGO wikia, or written by contributors

  • Anime episode titles are from the Yu-Jyo.net website

Anyone can add a comment to any cell, and it will be added to the spreadsheet within 24 hours.
Feel free to publicize this information: the work is wasted if no one makes use of it!

P.S. The only areas still missing information (though neither of these impacts the function of the spreadsheet too much):

  • information on the contents of bunkobon volumes 11-21

  • Japanese titles for chapter 279 to 343

P. P.S. Yes, it could have called the YGO Anime-from-Manga Index, but that would have been too obvious.


*pokes the group* Anyone still around???

Been noticing that LiveJournal is rather kind of dead, especially with the popularity and ease of using sites like Tumblr, etc. So popping in here to see if any of my buds are still around, I decided to see how things have been here in da PTDC.

Is anyone still active in here? It'd be sad if this place is abandoned (all the memories... *sniff*).
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ygodrabble: Secret Santa 2012 Sign-Ups


The 2012 ygodrabble Secret Santa gift-fic exchange is underway. There are only a few days left to sign-up. Sign-ups end Sunday, December 2nd. All you have to do is submit your name, the email address where you can be reached, and your preferences for a drabble, all set out according to the form below.

For the sign-up form and more information, please click here...

*ygodrabble's 81st drabble challenge is also going on. The theme is Family. Entries are due Sunday, December 9th and the word limit is 100-600.

Happy Holiday's everyone, and I hope you decide to enter. :)
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Hey all, this video is not made by me but I wanted to share b/c it’s perfect for this time of year

Yugioh - Things That Go Bump in the Night - by QuirkiestBiscuits on YouTube
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_YLsHEjaLE&feature=share&list=UUJqmY2c_azQqzqcE8zbieHA
(Re-)Upload Date: October 29th, 2012

And another shout out for ygodrabble's 79th challenge! The theme is Trump Card and the deadline has been extended to November 4th.
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ygodrabble's 79th challenge - Trump Card

Hello everyone,

ygodrabble is currently in the middle of its 79th challenge. The theme is Trump Card. (The concept can be interpreted literally or metaphorically.) The challenge ends on October 28th at midnight.

Don’t feel that you have to write the next fandom epic. It’s a low pressure community. So for anyone who’d like to flex their writing muscles, come give it a go.

The word limit is 100-600. Please refer to the community profile page for labeling format.

Thanks for your attention. I hope you have fun if you decide to enter. :)

Enter for the chance to win your own banner!
Enter for the chance to win your own personalised banner!
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Looking YYH/YGO fic

Haha, omg, this is such a long shot but I'm looking for a particular crossover fic between YGO and YYH. For the life of me, I can't remember the title and I can barely remember the plot. Just that it largely featured HieixYami Yugi and I think at one point, there was a BakuraxKurama scene? Hhm, I really cannot remember much from it, though at one point, I think Yukina had a crush on Yami, but Yami eventually turned her down?

Lol I'm so sorry for the trouble. I just suddenly remembered reading this fic and I tried looking for it in my archives but no luck, and now it's driving me crazy :p Thanks in advance!
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a college thesis, on YUGIOH???!!

Hello YGO fans!

Sorry if this is a double post... had a hard time figuring out the system...

I recently graduated from college, and completed my honors thesis: "Yu-Gi-Oh!: A Sanitized Childhood? A FanEssay on Fans, Censorship, Children, and Card Games."  The thesis is about censorship in YGO (damn you, 4Kids!), particularly around sex and violence, and differing standards of childhood in Japan and in the US.  More, it's also about fans (yes, US PEOPLE!) and how we use the good stuff--fanfic, YGOTAS, vids, fanart, yaoi--to create new understandings of childhood.

Please check it out! I promise it's not boring.  I filled it with lots of snark, interesting pics, quotes from YGO abridged, and Youtube vids so that it would be useful/interesting to both crazed YGO fans and academia, and so it would connect directly into the fandom.  Plus comments on aspects of fandom--fanservice, otakuness, shipping culture,  yaoi. If you ever get the inspiration to do your essays/hw/research on YGO, feel free to quote from my work!  

It would give me great pleasure if you could check it out and put comments on the website's comments page! (Instead of this LJ post), regardless if you agree/disagree. Please tell me what you think, what I can improve, what I got right and wrong, etc!  I would love it to be a continuing project!